From the hallowed halls of Adelaide Model Raceway.

Welcome to all prospective racers for Australia’s premier 1/24th scale meeting,

The Annual 2003 Adelaide Vintage and Scale Slot Car Grand Prix.

The 2002 event was a great success and provided lots of fun and enjoyment on a genuine 1960’s commercial 8-lane raceway for all local and interstate entrants.

Friday 8pm EVENT 1 2003 Redline Rims FX/FJ Holden challenge.

A 40 thou. Sunset traditional FJ/FX Holden body, any motor, any inline chassis and AMR 24002 tyres puts you on the grid for the curtain raiser

Saturday 7pm EVENT 2 2003 Chsassis King Allcomers Sedan Classic.

Any pre 1976 hard body sedan, any configuration chassis, any motor and any AMR tyres.

Join Australia’s hottest competition sedan car action.

9pm EVENT 3 2003 Cox Mini Enduro

Adelaide Model Raceway’s legendary Cox race. Cox 36D fixed chassis, original Cox hard body and AMR 24001’s on the rear. 8 minutes per driver over 8 lanes

11pm EVENT 4 2003 Night Hawks

(car)Lights, Camera, Action! A night time drive by for all cars with lights.(under track lights only.) L. E. D. the way

Sunday 1pm EVENT 5 2003 Tamiya Trophy Race

Any Tamiya sports car with any original Tamiya chassis. Will we again witness the awesome sight of 8 Tamiya Lotus 40’s on the starting grid?

2.30 pm EVENT 6 2003 Tasman Cup

Capture the spirit of the famous Tasman series with this race for original 1960’s open wheeler slot cars. Any original 60’s chassis and hard body, powered by vintage horsepower and running on AMR 24001’s, 24002’s or 24006’s will be eligible.

4.00pm EVENT 7 2003 Adelaide Grand Prix

The tyres get skinnier (24004’s), the action gets hotter for the Adelaide Grand Prix for 1950’s hard body open wheelers powered by a little Ripper, Fox or Cheetah china style Mabuchis.

5.30pm EVENT 8 Concours"D"Excellence.

Bring on the best of the slot car builders’ art. Drive by in your wildest creation, rarest find or latest funmobile. Every runner will be judged.

7.00pm Club Mr Bill

Highlight of Club 2002 was SPEED CAR, Australia’s grooviest Slot Car Band. Will they do another lap?

General Rules

1. Entry is free.

2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each event will receive an original piece of artwork to honor their achievement by renowned slot car artist MR BILL.

3. Vintage style interiors and drivers are essential in all cars.

4. Have fun!!


Excellent and economical accomodation 5 minutes from the track is available at the Belair Caravan Park (phone-08-82783540)


Please direct all questions to John on 08 8261 1364

or PO Box 201 Belair 5052