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Many thanks to Jack Beers, a scratchbuilder and collector. Check out Jack's great collection of early to mid-60s scratchbuilt chassis, together with their beautiful bodies!

Jack Beers: '65 Ford Falcon
Readers Gallery 122.

Jack Beers: '65 Ford Falcon

Readers Gallery 56.

Jack Beers: 1964 Ferrari F1

Readers Gallery 57.

Jack Beers: 1967 STP Turbine Car

Readers Gallery 58.

Jack Beers: #8 Ford GT

Readers Gallery 59.

Jack Beers: Two Vintage Kirkwood Chassis

Readers Gallery 18.

Jack Beers: #5 Lola T70

Readers Gallery 19.

Jack Beers: #8 Lotus 30

Readers Gallery 20.

Jack Beers: #4 Ferrari 275LM

Readers Gallery 21.

Jack Beers: #11 Porsche 906

Readers Gallery 22.

Jack Beers: #8 1967 V-12 Ferrari F1

Readers Gallery 23.

Jack Beers: #82 Jim Clark Indy Lotus 33

Readers Gallery 24.

Jack Beers: #2 Ferrari 330/P2 is copyright 2002 by Jim Allen of