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Rail Racers, Rail Racing

There is a widely accepted legend that slot car racing is the direct decendant of rail racing. The list below collects together the various rail racers and rail racing articles and pictures that have appeared on

Most recent at the top
Rail Racing at the Brooklands Museum
Article Jan. 31, 2005

Rail Racers from the Brooklands Museum
Article by Jeff Davies

Russell Sheldon
Article Jan. 31, 2005

Restored 1955 Rail-Racing Mercedes W196,
Originally Built by Walkden Fisher

Article by Russell Sheldon
Little Rail Racer
Article May 2004

Bits 'n Pieces
Shows a little rail racer from 1957.

Graham Windle
Readers Gallery 36.

Graham Windle: Bugatti Rail Racer

Don Seigel
Readers Gallery 35.

Don Seigel: Four Chassis
See Don's Rail Racing Chassis
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