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Slot Car Publications for HO Scale

I don't really collect HO, even if a page of My HO Red Ferrari Slotcars exists!

Below lists all of the HO-only publications that I'm aware of.

Contributions to this list are welcomed.

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Title Description/Comment
HO Slot Car Identification and Price Guide John A. Clark, 1995, 140 pp, full color. At least one picture of almost every car produced by Aurora (but not every color variation). Considered by many HO collectors to be essential, or at least, an essential starting place.
The Complete Guide to Collecting Tomy H. O. Scale Slot Cars Robert Budano, 1997, 74 pp, color centerfold section group photo of almost every Tomy slot car. Rest of the softcover book has b&w pictures and specs of most Tomy cars. The Tomy collector's bible. Note: Between the Clark book and the Budano book, there is a short period of transition, as production of these models shifted from Aurora to Tomy, which is in neither book. These were Japan-only releases, which can occasionally be seen at auction.
The Complete Color Guide to TYCO H. O. Slot Cars Dan Esposito, 2nd ed. 1996, 70 pp, color. This book sets the standard for slot car collecting books everywhere. There are individual pictures of almost every car and every color variation, plus accompanying specs which provide details including the dates in which the cars were issued. Superb! A must-own for the Tyco collector.
The 1997/98 H. O. Scale Slot Car Collectors Price Reference Handbook Compiled by Kevin Timothy and Michael Lane, 1997, 120 pages, b&w spiral bound, small format. Has prices but no pictures of every HO slot car in general circulation, of almost every maker. Only ones I noticed missing were Darda, Bauer and LifeLike. (I think Mattel/Hot Wheels Slot Cars, Wizzard and MM-Nurora are too new for this book.)
The 1993 H. O. Scale Slot Car Collectors Price Reference Handbook Kevin Timothy, 1993, 90 pages, most HO manufacturers covered.
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Tyco Annual Catalog Tyco Industries put out a catalog of train and HO Slot Car Sets and Accessories every year for many years. I have two, 1970-71 and 1977, 34 to 40 pages, full color, slick and glossy. More trains than cars in my two. Nice! Can someone provide more info, issue dates?
Aurora Product Catalogs Aurora issued glossy color product catalogs, too. I've seen one, from Aurora-Canada, 1981, 44 pages. Can someone provide more info, issue dates?
AFX Road Racing Handbook Aurora Products, 114 pp. Articles, tips and product info. Vol. 1 (1974), Vol 2 (1977) has Scottsboro Raceway layout, Vol. 3 (1980) has Watkins Glen layout. Vol 3 is reviewed Auto World 1980, pg 3.
AFX Guide to HO Model Racing Goeff Preston, 100 pp. British. A how-to book for HO cars, tracks and scenery.
HO Auto Racing News 1982 to ? by Ford Publishing. Dates? Issues?
HO Model Car Racing 1967, From the editors of Car Model magazine. Tips and advice for HO racing, tuning cars, building tracks and scenery, superdetailing, starting your own club.
HO Racing Speed Secrets Handbook 1970?, 64 pp, by Jerry Broz, brought to you by Auto World. Tune, build, rewind HO slot cars.
HO Swapper The One Source for Collectors, from What Is It Publishing. I don't have any info on this one.
HO-USA "The national newsletter for HO slot car enthusiasts." Began in June 1987. Four issues per year. I have four issues:
  • Volume 10 Number 1 May 1996
  • Volume 10 Number 2 Aug 1996
  • Volume 10 Number 3 Nov 1996
  • Volume 10 Number 4 Feb 1997
Description of the four issues above: Double-sided black&white xeroxed zine, between 68 and 78 pages, with a color copy cover. HO exclusively, from vintage to modern, collecting, trading, racing, and ads. Each issue has a listing of the topics of all previous back issues, all of which were available at that time. Does HO-USA still exist? Did they transition from 'zine to mag'?
Model Motoring Service Manual 1970?, 32 pp, from Aurora, tune and adjust your t-jet 500 and its pancake motor. Also track plans.
Hop-Up Hints
Hop-Up Hints: Thunderjet 500
Model Motoring/Aurora, 8x5 small format, softcover, dates unknown (approx 1965?), seen on ebay.
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