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Other Slot Car Publications and Ephemera

The items cataloged below are from either my own collection, seeing it advertised in a magazine in my collection,
seen by me for sale at an online auction (usually, or contributed to this list by a reader.

Thanks! TJA

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Title Description/Comment
ABCs of Model Car Racing 1977, softcover, b&w photos, put out by Hobby Industry of America (and Oscar Koveleski). Articles and tips on racing all scales of slot cars, slotless, and radio contolled cars.
Car Model's Racing Handbook (Complete Guide to Model Racing) and Buyer's Guide 1963, 100 pages, volume 1, edited by Jose Rodriguez. A collection of popular articles from Car Model magazine, plus detailed product comparisons, to be issued annually. For the scratchbuilder there is a soldered pianowire space frame dragster chassis, and several kit built chassis. See a review in Auto World Catalog 1967, p 8.
Car Model's Technical Journal of Model Car Racing 1967, 194 pages, blue, black and white cover. From the editors of Car Model magazine, a collection of technical articles about slot car racing. Covers every aspect of model car racing. See a review in Auto World Catalog 1967, p 8.
1966 Model Car Racing Handbook 1966, 130 pages. I've only seen this on ebay. A collection of favorite magazine articles (an annual) put together by the editors of MCS and MC&T. Need info, review.
1967 Model Car Racing Handbook 1967, I've only seen this on ebay. A collection of favorite magazine articles (an annual) put together by the editors of MCS and MC&T. Need info, review.
Model Car Racing 1965, 75 pages, softcover magazine format. I've seen this only on ebay. A collection of articles. A Topical Sports Library Book. Need editor's name, contents, review.
The History of Slot Car Racing
volume 1, The Early Years
About 1990, Ford Publishing reprinted 80 pages of the best articles and ads from the top slot car magazines of the 60s. The print and image quality is low, but the content is high quality. More volumes were promised (Underground Years, Revival Years), but I don't know if they were ever published. This magazine-style book contains reprints of some great pro racing chassis pictures.
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"Great New Sport: Table Top Racing!" in Popular Mechanics, December 1961 Christmas issue, slot cars featured on 6 pages with 9 b&w pictures, including an image of someone soldering! HO and 1/32 scale.
Sports Illustrated story in 1961 I haven't seen this, but de Lespinay mentions it in his book.
"How to Soup Up a Slot Racer" Mechanics Illustrated article, October, 1965 I haven't seen it, except on ebay. A 5 page article which has photos of a Ford GT on a commercial track, and an inline chassis.
Boys Life article, Nov. 1965 I haven't seen this article, except on ebay. A three page article which has photos which also appear on the cover of Bob Braverman's book. (Is Braverman the article's author? Because Bob Schleicher also has a Boy's Life article on his resume.)
"Big Deal on Tiny Wheels!" in the Saturday Evening Post, Dec. 18, 1965 Christmas issue, 2 page article with photos. I've seen this on ebay.
"The Latest in Slot Car Racing" and "Build a Slot Car Dynomometer" in Popular Mechanics, December 1966 Christmas issue, 19 pages and 9 pictures, all scales, commercial track, scratchbuilt car, and How to Nerf!
Model Cars by the editors of Consumer Guide 1978, 72 pp, softcover. Mostly about plastic models. Pages 44-51 are about slot cars. There is also a great list of manufacturers circa 1978 (p. 63), and pictures of some 70s publications (p. 60). I found my copy at an online auction.
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Auto World Catalogs
yearly or twice-yearly since 1958

Published every year or twice-yearly since 1958 by "Oscar" A. M. Koveleski, Auto World is THE premier model car and slot car supply house and mail order catalog of all time.

AW is thick with pages, it's chocked full of slot cars and plastic car models, it has tons of b&w pictures (of varying size and quality), it makes space in its pages for tools, diagrams, comparisons, advice & tips, interviews and awards.

Auto World Catalogs serve as absolutely crucial documentation of the entire slot car hobby period. Every serious slot car and plastic model car collector should put old, vintage issues of Auto World on their must have list! Chart.

Blue Book of Hobbies 1959, from Polk's Hobbies, planes, ships, slot cars, models, R/C, gas engines, crafts, etc.
Euro-Toy Catalogs 1987, Euro-Toy issues a 1/24 scale slot car catalog, 42 pages, color pics or rare memorabilia, hard-body cars, intro by Dr. J. P. Van Rossem. Are there other issues?
Model Car Life Slot Car and Model Car Life Catalog, Vol. 1 is 1994, mostly 1/32 and 1/24, in Japanese.
Railways and Motor Racing Catalog About 1967. From the companies Triang, Hornby and Minic, 44 pages with b&w photos. I see this catalog advertised in Miniature Auto, July '67, but I don't know anything else about it.
Your Hobby Yearbook, 1963-64 16 page catalog with Cox, Monogram, AMT, Revell and more. Seen on ebay. Need more info.
Your Slot Car Catalog 1969 from Discount Hobby Distributors, CA, 36 pp xeroxed zine-like catalog.
Plymouth Slot Car Catalog 1968? As seen on ebay, 16 pages of Plymouth racing cars and slot cars. I don't know much about this one. Why would a car manufacturer put out a slot car racing catalog? Who were they doing this promotion with?
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Amusement Business Weekly May 1965 issue featured slot car racing.
Profitable Hobby Merchandising March 1966 issue includes slot car racing, 35 pp, Tom Thumb Raceways, ads from the major slot manufacturers, other hobbies too.
Mr. Raceways Brochure 1966 Brochure from slot car track manufacturer, mid 60s, nostalgic b&w pics
Home Tracks Made EZ Booklet shows many different styles, with instructions on how to do it yourself. Author unknown, seen in SARN Feb 99.
American Raceways Track Manual 16 page manuals that came with commercial tracks built by American Raceways. I've seen a Monarch-Orange manual sold on ebay. Track diagrams, wiring, parts, how-tos.
Home Tracks by Hasse Booklet shows styles and prices. Seen in SARN, Jan 98
How to Open a Model Raceway and Keep It Open 1992? from Parma, free publication. Need info, review.
How to Build Your Own Slot Car Race Track 1995? From Parma, by Gary Cannell (UK)
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Official Rules and Regulations for Model Car Racing American Model Car Racing Congress, Winter 1966, 52 pp, with rules, and ads from the major manufacturers.
ECRA Handbook 1968 Electric Car Racing Association handbook and rulebook, UK.
NAMRA Official Rules Handbook North American Miniature Racing Association, 2nd edition, 1967, rules plus official specs for over 500 cars.
MINRA Official Regulations Miniature International Racing Association's official racing regulations and competition rulebook, mid 60s, all scales.
Parma Challenge Cup Rule Book 1995? Free from Parma, rules, and how to run a Challenge Cup event
The Slot Car Racing League Book Date? A guide to setting up league racing, Ford Publishing, advertized in SARN.
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The GO Sound of the Slots! Phonograph album, 33 rpm, from Revell, featuring "The Revells" singing such classics as My Little Slot Coupe and My Baby Digs Slot Car Racing!
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