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Other Slot Car Magazines Checklist

I have composed this list of every slot car magazine I can find.

The items in this list are compiled from my own collection, from advertisements in magazines in my collection,
from online auctions, or was contributed to this list by a reader. Thanks!

See Magazines: The Big Three for Car Model, Car Model Science, and Model Car & Track.
See Books, magazines and other publications for more similar items.

Title Description/Comment
Ambrit Glyn Newsletter Advertised in SARN Jan 1998, For the TrueScale enthusiast, 1/32 & 1/24, Tom Moye, need info, dates, issues?
American Modeler A Conde Nast publication, I've only seen one issue, May/June 1965, vol 62 no 3. High quality 82 pp, includes slot cars along with model cars, boats, planes, and rockets. Dates? Issues?
Australian Model Car and Slot Racing Review Australian vintage slot car magazine. Began Sept/Oct 1966, and I don't know how long it ran. Contents are similar to U.S. mid-60s slot car magazines.
Euro Slot Magazine Mentioned in a column in SARN June 1989. IMCA mouthpiece. Need more info, review. Dates? Issues?
Guia Slot Racing Spanish, advertised in SARN Feb 2002. Need more info, review. Dates? Issues?
International Modeler I've only seen one issue, May 1974, Vol 3 No 12, which says "formerly Miniature Auto Racing Newspapermagazine." Includes slot cars, NCC news, model cars, and R/C. Did this magazine continue?
In Scale Illustrated Modeler's magazine with some slot cars. First Issue was summer 1994. Need more info. Dates? Issues?
In The Groove Newspaper-style publication of the Miniature International Racing Association. On ebay I see that Volume 5 Number 7 came out in July 1967, and is 8 pages. Need more info, review. Dates? Issues?
Miniature Autoworld UK, I don't know much about this one. The issue from May 1965 has articles on Scalextric, Minic and Monogram Ferraris. Also seen are Aug. 1965 (which appears to incorporate Model Roads and Racing (see below)),
Miniature Auto Magazine "Britian's Premier Model Car Magazine" is about 50 glossy pages per monthly issue, with b&w photos. First published about 1960, Miniature Auto grew with the British slot car craze, which was every bit as boom and bust as our own. When the bust came, in mid-1968, Miniature Auto became incorporated into Model Cars Magazine. Chart
Miniature Auto Racing (Newspapermagazine) Newspaper-style slot car publication, 20-30 pages. I've seen five issues on ebay, Vol 1 # 1 was dated 7-12-1970. Lasted until late 1973. All scales. Editor Ray Hoy formerly edited Model Car Science. Dates? Issues? See also International Modeler above.
MiniAuto Magazine Spanish, mostly 1/32 cars, glossy color magazine. Issue #59 on Sept. 2001 was 84 pages, includes articles 40 Years of Slots in Spain, Scalextric and Fly. More info needed, dates, etc.
Model Car & Racing Issue #1 was November 1966, 75 pp, followed by 1-67, 3-67, 5-67, 7-67, 9-67, 11-67, 1-68, 4-68, and then unknown. As seen on ebay, it looks to be similar in quality to "the big three." Wonder what happened to it? Dates? Issues?
The Model Car News British tether-car racing. I've seen Dec 1948, 16 pages, on ebay. Dates? Issues?
Model Cars Illustrated Mostly models, some slots. 
Vol 1 # 1 is Nov. 1963. 
Vol 1 # 7 is Sept 1964, 66 pp. 
Vol 2 # 1 is Nov/Dec 1964, 66 pp.
Vol 2 # 3 is Feb 1965, Includes first of a series of articles on slot racing.
Other dates? Issues? How long was this published?
Model Car Journal Mostly models, occasional slot cars.
Published for many years, 123 issues, 1974 to 1998, Includes articles by Jose Rodriguez, Jr. among others. Other dates? Issues?
Model Car Racing New, began 2002, slick, glossy color magazine, 56 pp. The MCR banner: " Racing replicas of real cars on home slot car tracks" describes it well. From Robert Schleicher, in the same style as his new book. In these early issues, he writes many of the articles himself.

Model Car Racing Checklist
Ck Vol # Date Contents Highlights
Vol 1 Jan/Feb 2002 Revell Ferrari GTO, Ninco vs. Carrera BMWs
Vol 2 Mar/Apr 2002 Scalextric Cadillac vs SCX Audi, Mattel/Tyco HO, MESAC
Vol 3 May/Jun 2002 Carrera Stingray, best Williams F-1 models, Spa tracks
Vol 4 Jul/Aug 2002 Tabletop Sebring, HO Tri-Oval, Scalextric vs SCX tests
Vol 5 Sep/Oct 2002 Scalextric Trans-Am Camaros and Mustangs, Home RTRs
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Model Car Racing News From No. Calif. newspaper style. Seen on ebay, issue of April 1965 is 10 pages. Dates? Issues?
Model Cars and Model Racing News Club Publication - I know little about this one except the Aug/Sept/Oct 1965 issue has an article by Oscar K., and included a rare Russkit catalog.
Model Cars Magazine British, b&w about 50 pages per issue. First issue was April 1965. Consolidated with Miniature Auto in 1968, making this the best British slot car mag of the late 60s. Model Cars always had photos of the bottoms of the winning pro chassis, and a monthly pro chassis design and build article, by John Veasay and others, so this magazine is of tremendous interest to the scratchbuilder. Chart
Model Craftsman Long running modeler's magazine, published throughout the 1930s and 40s and maybe longer. In the article listings, I see several entries for "Miniature Racing Cars" and "Racing Car Rules." Given the time-period, these are probably about rail or tether car racing, but I don't know for sure. Dates? Issues?
Model Maker and Model Cars British, The Nov 1956 issue has slot cars on the cover! I have Vol 13 No 153, September 1963. About 50 pages, model boats, model cars, and some electric car racing. Editor is Vic Smeed, author of a couple early slot car books. This magazine helped create the initial enthusiasm for slot cars in the UK in thr early 60s. Dates? Issues?
Model Racing International Mentioned in a column in SARN June 1989. IMCA mouthpiece. Need more info, review. Dates? Issues?
Model Racing Journal Newspaper-style publication, began Oct. 11, 1968, ran through at least May 1970. Racing news from the pro circuit and technical articles on pro scratchbuilt cars. Seen on ebay. I really must find some of these! Dates? Issues?
Model Roads and Racing British, the issue Vol 1 No 6, March 1964 is 50 pages, glossy b&w magazine, all scales, "Exclusively model motoring and car racing." More info needed. Dates? Issues? Seen on ebay are issues 11-63, 12-63, 2-64, 3-64 and 4-64.
Models and Modelers World I don't have much info. An issue, Spring 1963 sold on ebay. On the cover, one can read: Electric Race Cars
Pit Stop No idea about this magazine except I saw it mentioned on ebay. Anyone know about this one? Dates? Issues?
Pandemonium "A monthly newsletter dedicated to the hardcore racer." I don't have much info on this one. Seen advertised in SARN Jan 1989. Dates? Issues?
Raceway Owners Monthly I don't have much info on this one. Seen advertised in SARN March 1989. Dates? Issues?
Rod & Custom Models Began in the early 60s, early coverage of hot-rods, models and slot cars. Jan 1965 was 86 pages, color cover, b&w insides with pictures and diagrams. Need more info, dates and issues.
Scale Auto Racing News Begun 1979, during the rebirth & revival years, and still in existence today. Published regularly for more years than any other slot car magazine. Covers all scales from pro 1/24 wing cars to HO, and occasional vintage slots. From Ford Publishing. Chart
Scarway Swedish slot racing newsletter. I don't have much info on this one. Advertised in SARN Sept 1990. Dates? Issues?
Slot Car Digest Small xeroxed slot car zine, 10 to 26 pp, beginning Sept 1992. By Ford Publishing.
Slot Car Digest Checklist
Ck Vol # Date Contents Highlights
Vol 1 Sept 92 Paper driver, paper car, Fleming hinge
Vol 2 Dec 92 Chassis design, Slick 7 Motor Analyzer
Vol 3 Mar 93 Pro chassis secrets revealed, Parma Eurosport
Vol 4 July 93 Taming the Womp, ProSlot demon, Hylton bodies
Vol 5 Feb 94 Cozine Flexi secrets, Wheelie bar, DRS dragstrip
Vol 6 Aug 94 Hershman Eurosport secrets, Magnahone
? ? ?
? ? more?
Slot Car Enthusiast Unknown to me. Mentioned in column in SARN, May 1989. Need info. Dates? Issues?
Slot Car Racing British, I don't know anything about this one. I saw it advertised in SARN in 1985 as the world's leading slot car magazine. Need info. Dates? Issues?
Slotcar Bulletin Began in Aug. 1993. Glossy b&w monthly magazine (became full color in 1997) focused on professional 1/24 scale slot car racing. Occasionally runs articles on vintage chassis. I've seen issues through July 1997, does it still exist? Chart.
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