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Slot Car Manufacturers Publications Checklist

The items in this list are compiled from my own collection, from advertisements in magazines in my collection,
from online auctions, or was contributed to this list by a reader. Thanks!

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Title Description/Comment
Airfix Magazine Monthly. I see this monthly magazine advertised in Miniature Auto, July '67. I don't know anything else about it.
Allstate Road Racing Guide Book Mid-60s, I think this is the set book for the Strombecker sets sold by Sears. B&W diagrams and descriptions, instructions
AMT Model Car Handbook 1962, color cover, includes George Barris, model winners and tips, Action-packed Racing Turnpike, How-tos, etc.
Atlas Road Course Layouts Written and illustrated by Jose Rodriguez, with diagrams and simple step-by-step directions. Meant for building home layouts with Atlas 1/24 and 1/32 scale track. Review in Auto World Catalog 1967, p 8.
The Complete Handbook of Model Car Racing From Aurora Plastics Corp. 1967, 151 pp. Who was editor? Includes hundreds of b&w photos. Covers every aspect of slot car racing, all scales. Scratchbuilders will enjoy the pictures of the 1966-67 brass pianowire chassis. This hardcover book was one of the better items put out by the slot car manufacturers during the golden era of the hobby. I'm still trying to snag my copy!
Buzco Model Racing Accessories Catalog 1964, 4 pages, two-color promotional brochure, featuring pictures, diagrams and descriptions of Buzco slot car racing products.
Champion of Chamblee Catalogs Champion issued a number of dealers catalogs. I've seen Official Parts and Price List 1967 (40 pages, half-sized), and 1970 with the maze on the cover.
Cox Catalogs Cox issued high quality, 16 page color catalogs during the slot car racing heyday. Cars, motors, parts and accessories. Be sure to ask - color xeroxed reprints abound.
Cox Catalogs 1966, Cox issued a 64 page cars, parts and accessories catalog.
Dynamic Model Car Racing Catalog 1966, eight page b&w dealer catalog of AMT-Dynamic RTRs, motors, chassis, etc.
Eldon Official Road Racing Guide and Assembly Instructions Red softcover, 8x5, early 60s, 32 pages of driving tips, racing history, clubs, layouts, wiring, accessories, prices, and assembly of Eldon home slot car sets.
Eldon Road Race Sets 1962 dealer catalog from Eldon, their first purely slot car products catalog. Eldon put out a number of catalogs for slot cars in the 60s.
Gilbert Auto-Rama / American Flyer Catalogs A. C. Gilbert put out a number of toy catalogs. The 1963 American Flyer World of Transportation catalog is 48 pages, full color, with 6 pages of Gilbert slot cars.
Monogram Models and Hobbies Newsletter style, B&W I saw March-April 1964 on ebay. I have no idea of the dates and issues.
Monogram Model Car Racers and Accessories 1965, by Monogram (and Tiger), 4 pages, color brochure
Penn Line Catalog / Brochure 1962, 4 pages, color images, early 1960s Indy-style slot cars, race sets and A. J. Foyt endorsement.
Revell 1/32 Track Layout Manual 1970? Track layouts and planning tips, wiring and power packs. Revell-based, but applies to all makes of home tracks.
Russkit Catalogs Russkit published a number of color catalogs. The 1965 1/2 catalog has the Black Widow on the cover. Another 1965 Russkit catalog appeared as a pullout in Model Cars and Model Racing News. The 1966 catalog is 24 pages, all color, includes the Scratchbuilder's Kit, Adjust-O-Jig, and lots of RTR cars and parts. The 1967 catalog is half-sized, 24 pages, color, with "Team Russkit 1967" on the cover. There are others, too!
Russkit Speed Secret, Complete Step-by-step Instructions 22 pages. This is the first "Russkit Scratchbuilder's Guide" from about 1967, 22 pp, b&w photos and diagrams, from Russkit. An absolute must have pamphlet for the vintage scratchbuilder and scratchbuilt chassis collector. Step by step instructions for building two circa 1965 brass tube and wire space frames, one inline and one sidewinder.
How to Build a Team Russkit Frame This is the second "Russkit Scratchbuilder's Guide", by Mike Morrissey, Team Russkit captain. These photo-filled instructions came with a Russkit scratchbuilder's kit. Plans and parts enough to build two pro-style 1/24 scale inline pianowire frames, a narrow (Indy or F-1) and a wider (sports car) version.
Easy Step by Step Instructions for Armature Rewinding Date? 2 pages, from Simco Products, "Electro-mechanical Slot Racing Accessories"
Strombecker Road Racing Guide Books Published annually? 1964 edition was 32 pages, with RW&B cover, b&w pics, descriptions of cars, layouts and accessories.
Strombecker Newsletter - Inside Track I don't know how often this was issued, appears to be monthly, the one I saw on ebay has 16 pages of product reviews, double motor chassis, how to rewind, and more. Dates? Issues?
Wilson's Slot Racer News Saw one dated May, 1964, 2 pages. Wilson's of Cleveland.
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