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What's New, from 2003

From's What's New column.
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Phillip Niyazi
Oct 9, 2003 - Here is a Reader's Gallery contribution from Phillip Niyazi, Reproduction of a 1967 John Cukras Chassis. Phillip has also written a photo-essay, Building a Vintage Cukras Chassis. Enjoy!

Larry Geddes' New Chassis Jig
Oct 9, 2003 - See Larry Geddes' New Chassis Jig in the Tools Section. Fine workmanship!

Russ Toy: Scratchbuilt F1 Chassis
June 25, 2003 - Russ Toy builds this neat F-1 Chassis for the guys in the Bay Area VMRA. Excellent! Thanks, Russ!

Thomas Sasse's Collection
May 25, 2003 - I am happy to present six terrific contributions by Thomas Sasse. There are four slot cars: McLaren M6 GT, Lotus 56 B F1, Porsche 908/2, and Chaparral 2H. Next, a race report on the Oldtimer Grand Prix Hamburg 2003. Also, an article, Mystery Chassis! Finally, Thomas now has his own Thomas Sasse's Page. Thanks so much, Thomas!
Mike McAnaspie
May 1, 2003 - Mike McAnaspie built this 1969 Bob Emott classic. Soldered like a pro!

1/32 Cars from John Secchi's Collection
May 1, 2003 - See four vintage 1/32 cars from John Secchi's collection. Gorgeous as always!

Cobra or Phaze III
Apr 10, 2003 - I posted the April 2003 Chassis of the Month, a Cobra or Phaze III GT Brass Rod Chassis, and some vintage chassis ID info. Enjoy!

STP Turbine Car
Apr 10, 2003 - Here's Russell Sheldon's favorite Indy car, the STP Paxton Turbine. The interesting chassis follows the outlines of the car body.

BWA Billet Bullet
Apr 10, 2003 - Check the BWA Billet Bullet, from who else? - Al Penrose! Thanks Al!

Larry Geddes' Chassis Jigs
Mar 29, 2003 - See Larry Geddes' Old Chassis Jig by Larry Geddes, in the Tools Section.

Jeff Hails' collection
Mar 19, 2003 - Jeff Hails sends pictures of 7 cars, Four 1/24 Chassis and Three 1/32 Chassis. Don't miss Jeff's new jig, either!

Jack Beers collection
Mar 15, 2003 - Here are 4 new contributions from Jack Beers - all vintage, of course!

See Jack Beers' 1964 Ferrari F1, an STP Turbine Car, a Ford GT, and 2 Kirkwood chassis. More hits from a great collection!

Douglas Haynes Thunderbuggy!
Mar 15, 2003 - The Haynes Thunderbuggy built by Douglas Haynes, is the product of 15 years of intense competition. I love the close-fitting pans!

scratchbuilders tools
scratchbuilders tools
scratchbuilders tools
scratchbuilders tools
Mar 9, 2003 - I posted a large new section, Scratchbuilder's Tools.

See individual articles The Dave England Chassis Jig by Chris Briggs, A Story about Nibbling by Steve Okeefe, Tech Tools and more!

1/32 Brass Pan Anglewinder
Mar 3, 2003 - I posted a 1/32 scale Brass Pan Anglewinder in My Collection #55. I know it needs a bath!

Chassis Come Down
Mar 3, 2003 - I posted a new article about the history of scratchbuilding, Chassis Come Down to the Ground.

Thomas Sasse
Feb 24, 2003 - See Thomas Sasse's Auto Union, with steering front wheels and turning driver's head! Sensational!

John Componeschi
Feb 24, 2003 - Check this Vintage Brass Pan Chassis, built by John Componeschi. Ah. they just don't make 'em like they used to!

Graham Windle's Proxy Racer
Feb 24, 2003 - You can still race your scratchbuilt creations - Go TMAS proxy racing, with Graham Windle's Porsche GT1!

Pete O'Toole's
Feb 24, 2003 - Graham Windle shows us two of Pete O'Toole's chassis. Welcome back, Pete!

Gary Abramowicz
Feb 10, 2003 - Gary Abramowicz shows us three fantastic early 80s chassis from his slotbox: a Spring Steel Chassis for Group 7, another for Group 27, plus a Tony P "Da Iso" - Thanks Gary!

Steve Okeefe's Scratch Bracket
Feb 7, 2003 - Scratchbuilding Techniques: Scratchbuild an Inline Motor Bracket from a piece of square steel tubing, with Steve Okeefe.

Steve Okeefe's Page
Feb 7, 2003 - Steve has contributed enough items to have his own page, Steve Okeefe's Page. Thanks Steve - I look forward to more good scratchbuilding from you.

Russell Sheldon's Bob Emott Chassis
Feb 4, 2003 - Here's the Real Deal! A 1970s Bob Emott Chassis, from Russell Sheldon's collection. Wow!

Don Siegel's Perimeter Chassis
Feb 2, 2003 - You asked for it! More pictures of Don Siegel's vintage Perimeter Chassis - a rare and amazing piece of work!

Don Siegel's collection
Feb 2, 2003 - See pictures of seven more vintage chassis from Don Siegel's collection. Several of feature real He-Man motors!

Steve Okeefe's Honda Fi
Jan 29, 2003 - See Steve Okeefe's vintage concours award winning Honda F1, with steering and fully independent suspension - Awesome!

Tire and Wheel Quiz
Jan 24, 2003 - Gone bonkers! Try the new Tire and Wheel Quiz / Identification Guide.

Team Spirit Iso
Jan 22, 2003 - See the February Chassis of the Month, the Team Spirit Iso, second in the 1982 Texas Invitational. Updated pg 2, Feb. 8.

Dougs Dual Motor
Jan 20, 2003 - By popular demand, we present: Doug Azary's radical Dual Motor Inline Chassis!

Wire Wrapped Chassis
Jan 20, 2003 - I've added nine new chassis in My Collection (45-53), mostly from Quiz 4, plus that very strange Wire Wrapped Chassis.

Al's Champion 292
Jan 20, 2003 - Just opened the package! Al Penrose sends images of his beautiful Champion 292 chassis, one of Champion's earliest anglewinders.

Speedway Jan 19, 2003 - From my research for Quiz 4, I've posted items on identifying Kal-Kar and Speedway chassis which might interest vintage and nostalgia buffs.

What Doomed the Scratchbuilt Chassis?
Jan 12, 2003 - Check out the article, What Doomed the Scratchbuilt Chassis? with Steve Okeefe.

Vintage Slot Racing from Australia
Jan 8, 2003 - Bill Hollingsworth sends news of Vintage Slot Racing from Australia!

John Secchi Page
Jan 7, 2003 - John Secchi has contributed enough items that I made a John Secchi Page! Thanks again, John!

John Secchi's Collection
Jan 7, 2003 - Here are three great chassis from the John Secchi collection: the 'Mercury Cyclone' chassis, a 1/32 Steel Anglewinder, and a Brass Rod Iso chassis. Fantastic!

Steve Okeefe
Jan 2, 2003 - See three vintage racing chassis scratchbuilt by Steve Okeefe: a Group 7 Anglewinder, a Group 20 Anglewinder, and a Single Main Rail Anglewinder. Awesome!

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