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So You'd Like to Contribute...

by Jim Allen, Sept. 8, 2004 has been built in a large part by contributions from you, my Readers. I always welcome your comments, ideas, Articles and Reader's Gallery contributions, even if I am sometimes slow in acknowleding your emails and posting your free content! I am getting to your stuff, although if you want to remind me, feel free to email or use this contact page.

Contribution Guidelines:

  • It is simplest to just email me your unretouched images and some words about what we are seeing, and I'll try to make them into an Article or a Reader's Gallery entry for you. I'll Photoshop your images to the size, shape and style of the website, and I can massage your words into sentences and paragraphs, in the usual format. But I can't make you funnier.

  • I always make a test page first, which you must okay, or correct, before your content goes live.

  • Remember, my focus is vintage slot car chassis that are soldered together, mostly brass. I do show other types and ages, but only in the quizzes or articles. By and large, what I like to post are brass chassis hand-soldered together from 1964-1972, and later, modern chassis, too. Repros of vintage chassis are also welcomed.

  • Take pictures, and send them to me attached to emails. I will crop and resize the pictures to fit the format of the website. Please send a top and bottom view, plus two to four other angles as needed. My aim is to show the chassis, not the body, but a pic or two of the body is fine, too.

  • Please write as much as you like and send it along in the email, so I will have some text to go with your pictures. I usually edit and spellcheck your writing, to fit the format of the website.

  • The main facts to write - what is it, who built it, dates, explain the design, materials, and anything else of interest. Many of our contributors give building hints, advice, parts lists, measurements and instructions.

  • If you want your content set up a certain way, please tell me. I can set up your content to match what someone else did - just tell me about it, and I'll follow that format.

  • It is best to send me just a few things at a time, or else I am overwhelmed and fall behind. It is hard to catch back up.

  • For a few days after your content is up, please watch our Message Board, since readers sometimes post questions for you.

  • Thanks again for contributing! --Jim Allen

 is copyright 2002 by Jim Allen of