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I am using this section of to document my own collection of over 100 vintage handmade slotcar chassis. Comments are welcome! - Jim Allen

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1. John Skeels Special 5 (SK/PS 5)
Signed on bottom "Chassis by Skeels". Brass and steel wire, with intricate floppy plumbered brass pans and spring wire front suspension.
2. Brass Rod Sports Car Chassis
Beautiful brass pianowire sports car chassis, circa 1967.
3. International 1220-A 16D Inline Strip Chassis
From transitional phase between brass rod chassis and brass pan chassis. With the rigid body mounts. About 1968.
4. Multi-rail brass pan chassis (SK/PS 6)
Multi-rail brass pan chassis, from my Skeels/ProSlot group.
5. Vintage hinged brass pan chassis (SK/PS 10)
Another chassis in my Skeels/ProSlot group.
6. Ferret
Gorgeous wire and brass pan chassis made by Ferret.
7. International three rail chassis
Brass three rail chassis.
8. Champion four rail chassis
Champion made this beautiful strong chassis.
9. Brass rod sports car chassis
A beautiful brass rod chassis (by REH)
10. American Line AML 1006
A plumbered anglewinder.
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