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The Skeels/ProSlot Chassis Group

An important part of my collection is a group of chassis made by, used by, or otherwise associated with pro driver John Skeels. I bought them at auction from a former motor man for the ProSlot Team.

As I opened the box, I noticed that, while a few were simple and similar to commercially available chassis, most were high quality, intricate, complex and eccentric masterworks! Strange double-plumbered floppy bat pans, iso-fulcrum hinges and Hansen pans, forward-rotating half-axles, and more! And there are springwire stops and tensioners all over!

Only one of the chassis is vibra-engraved with the words, "Chassis by Skeels," but all of them show a similar high level of craftsmanship.

1. Skeels' Special (SK/PS 5)
Vibra-engraved on bottom "Chassis by Skeels". Brass and steel wire, with intricate floppy plumbered brass pans and spring wire front suspension.
2. Multi-wire chassis with brass pans (SK/PS 11)
Very fine craftsmanship on this plumbered multi-rail brass pan chassis
3. Multi-wire iso chassis (SK/PS 13)
Movement on every conceivable axis!
4. Multi-rail brass pan chassis (SK/PS 6)
Interesting paired curved brass plates.
5. Vintage hinged brass pan chassis (SK/PS 10)
Appears to be the oldest in my SK/PS group.
6. (SK/PS 9)
coming soon!
7. (SK/PS 12)
coming soon!
8. (SK/PS 15)
coming soon!
9. (SK/PS 17)
coming soon! is copyright 2002 by Jim Allen of