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Slot Car Books Checklist

I have composed this list of every slot car book I can find.

The items in this list are compiled from either my own collection, seeing it advertised in a magazine in my collection,
seen by me for sale at an online auction (usually, or contributed to this list by a reader.
I distinguish these from Manufacturers Publications by the presence of an author's name.

Thanks! TJA

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Author Title Description/Comment
Bob Braverman and Bill Neumann Here is your Hobby... Slot Car Racing 1966 revised 1969, 128 pp, b&w photos. A classic! This is the book that introduced a whole generation to slot car racing, because it was allowed into the school libraries. My pals and I spent the whole library hour poring over each picture! There were girls on the cover, too - but they never showed up at any track I visited. The book covers every aspect of racing slot cars on the early commercial tracks. Chapter 4 is titled "Scratchbuilding", and shows step-by-step the soldering together of a 1965-era space frame. This book is a vintage slot car collector's must have item. On online auctions, it brings over $40, depending on condition.
Philippe de Lespinay Vintage Slot Cars 1999, 96 pp, 80+ beautiful color photos. This book is the gold standard for information about 1960s slot cars from the major and minor American manufacturers - Cox, Classic, Russkit, Revell, Monogram, BZ, AMT, MPC, K&B, and many more. De Lespinay was a 1960s professional slot car racer (full-scale, too!), and an advisor to several slot car manufacturers. He remembers everything about that golden age! My softbound copy of VSC is well-thumbed.
Richard F Dempewolf Table Top Car Racing

1963, 160 pp, b&w photos and diagrams. A Popular Mechanics Book. Covers rail and slot racing in the early days. Club tracks with scenery, in the model railroad style.

This book "...describes the building and racing of scale model automobiles... track plans... the commercial products available... and a full catalog listing the source of every material the enthusiast might possibly need..." [reviewed in Auto World, 1963, pg 1]

John Ford Slot Car Racer's Dictionary Date 1992, 1994, 1997; The 1997 edition is 36 pp, color xeroxed zine, from Ford Publishing. A to Z definitions of many slot car terms, occasionally ironic or eccentric, but mostly good. A useful purchase for the vintage slot car collector or scratchbuilder. Available, like many Ford Publications, from the classified ads in the back pages of Scale Auto Racing News Magazine.
Roger Gillham Scalextric: The Story of the World's Favourite Model Racing Cars 2002, Hardcover, 192 pp. I don't know much about this one, but see it at
Rod Green Scalextric: Cars and Equipment Past and Present 2002, Hardcover, 208 pp. I don't know much about this one, but see it at
compiled by:
Roger W. Greenslade
A History of Electric Model Roads and Racetracks, 1908-1985
Subtitled A Life of Collecting and Information on Model Racetracks
1990, 164 pages, b&w photos. "Most definitive book on slot car collecting ever produced," says one reviewer. Encyclopedic! Covers all scales, every manufacturer. I've seen this book sell for over $100 on ebay, and apparently only a few thousand were printed. Egad!
Louis H. Hertz The Complete Book of Model Raceways and Roadways 1964, revised and enlarged 1967, 232 pp, b&w photos, hardcover. Every vintage slot car fanatic should own this book, which covers all aspects of the history of slot cars from 1900 to about 1965. Coverage stops just at the dawn of the golden age. The only omission I see is Gilbert from the early 60s. Hertz wrote a dozen or more books and hundreds of magazine articles, under multiple pseudonyms, about model railroads, model cars, slot cars, and antique American toys. This book has many hard-to-find facts and photos about the early years. The scratchbuilder will see about 10 hand-made or kit-built chassis by Luis del Rosario (60s Manager of Elmsford Raceway), and photos of vintage scratchbuilding parts from Polk Hobbies, Auto World, Dynamic, Ulrich and others. Go ahead and shell out the money - I see it is now over $50 on ebay. Glad I snagged mine (revised and enlarged) a while ago! See a review in Auto World Catalog 1967, p 8.
D. J. Laidlaw-Dickson Electric Model Car Racing 1965, 127 pp, illus. British. Need info. Seen only in an online library card catalog.
D. J. Laidlaw-Dickson Model Cars Encyclopedia 1967, 150 pp, b&w photos. A-Z articles on technical modeling subjects, includes some slot car entries. British. Need info. Seen only on ebay.
D. J. Laidlaw-Dickson Model Car Rail Racing

1967?, 176 pp, b&w photos. Deisel and electric racing cars, track plans. British. Need info. Seen only on ebay.

"...devoted entirely to model car rail racing... building tracks... wiring... car building, motors... also gas powered..." [reviewed in Auto World, 1963, pg 2]

Bob Liddle The Absolute Beginner's Guide Date 2000? Small xeroxed zine, from Ford Publishing.
Paul Plecan Paul Plecan's Model Car Handbook 1965, 112 pp, b&w photos. Great collection of 1960s articles by Paul Plecan, many of which appeared in the major model and slot car magazines. Definitely of interest to the scratchbuilder. Space frames, brass plate frames, and mid-60s pre-can motors. My copy is softbound, from ebay.
Ed Radlauer Slot Car Racing 1968, 32 pp, color pictures, hardbound. Written for 9-14 year olds, but don't dismiss this book. Great, large pictures of slot cars on almost every page, including scratchbuilt space frames, early commercial tracks, wooden slot car boxes, and the hobby shop with the wall of parts. I was 9 years old in 1968, and it captures exactly how I felt!
Robert Reed Know About Model Roadracing 1966, 96 pp. Skillfact Library, softcover book, A 1966 basic reference for new enthusiasts, introduction to the hobby of slot car racing, including info on scales, tracks, scratchbuilding, kit building and repairs. $15-25 on ebay
Robert Schleicher Model Road Racing Handbook 1967, 276 pp, illus. Schleicher has published slot car books each decade. This is his first, and I remember it well, from my local library, in the mid-60s. Many photos and specs of full-size cars, charts and labeled schematics, covering every aspect of building and tuning your mid-sixties slot car. Also, routing and landscaping your home track. Starting clubs and holding meets. Every vintage slot car collector should have this book.
Robert Schleicher Radio Control and Tabletop Model Car Racing Schleicher writes slot car book number two. 1979? Need more info. This might be it, at
Robert Schleicher Racing and Collecting Slot Cars 2001, 128 pp, 200+ color photos. Mostly manufacturers 1/32 and HO scale home slot cars, from the 1990s. Many top models with beautiful bodies, detailed and to scale, if that's what you like to see. My copy is softcover.
Robert Schleicher The Slot Car Bible Fall 2002, 256 pp. Not yet available, but you can pre-order it at
Vic Smeed Simple Electric Car Racing 1965, UK, Scratchbuilding and racing slot cars. Wheels, tires, gears, chassis, pickups and bodies, tracks, scenery, wiring, tools and everything else. Includes ECRA rules. Smeed was long-time editor of Model Maker, a magazine which mid-wifed slot and rail car racing into existence. See a book review in Auto World Catalog 1967, p 8.
Vic Smeed The World of Model Cars 1980, London. Mostly about plastic model cars, with sections including slot cars. Seen only on ebay, need more info.
Irwin Stambler A Guide to Model Car Racing 1967, 135 pp, filled with b&w photos and diagrams. another classic from the mid-60s golden years, covering all aspects of tuning your car to race on the big, commercial tracks. Unfortunately, like other similar books, it was already out of date by the time it was published. For the scratchbuilder, see a 1965 space frame soldered on an adjusto-jig!
Dr. J. P. van Rossem International Slot Car Racing Yearbook 1988 advert in SARN Jan 1989, avail in 4 languages, over 350 Race results from around the world. I've not seen this, can someone confirm and/or review?
Cliff Wheeler Slot Car Mechanic 1-6 Date 1990s? Six small xeroxed books on improving your slot car racing, from Ford Publishing. 1 Getting Started, 2 Basic Repair, 3 Building a Faster Motor, 4 Painting and Trimming Bodies, 5 Controllers, 6 Speed Secrets.
The Answer Man (various authors) Best of the Answer Man, vol 1 Date 2000? 32 pp, Small xeroxed zine, Q&A format, reprinted from Scale Auto Racing News, from Ford Publishing.
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