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Books, magazines and other publications

Checklists of books, magazines and other publications,
focusing on the vintage years (1962-1972), and in some cases including every example I've seen.

  • Books: A checklist of every slot car book and pamphlet I know.
    Included are brief book reviews, links to when available, and maybe cover photos soon!

  • Magazines - the big three: A timeline and checklist for Car Model, Model Car Science and Model Car & Track.

  • Magazines - others: Many other magazines, both British and American, general and specialty, featured slot cars. I've tried to list all I've seen.

  • Items from the manufacturers: Catalogs, instructions, sales materials.

  • Other publications: Hobby supply catalogs (Auto World), annuals, special issues, rulebooks, time log books, and everything else.

  • HO Scale: Publications focused on HO scale. is copyright 2002 by Jim Allen of