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Doug Azary scratchbuilds a beautiful brass rod chassis - and any other kind you'd like! Doug is also a vintage motor expert - just try to stump him! Doug has contributed both his own scratchbuilts and chassis he has collected. Thanks again, Doug!

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Doug Azary's Petty Plymouth
Readers Gallery 76.

Doug Azary:
Petty Plymouth on a Scratchbuilt Space Frame

Readers Gallery 75.

Doug Azary:
Four Motor Chassis under a Gulf Ford GT40

Doug's Dual Motor
Readers Gallery 44.

Doug Azary:
Dual Motor Inline Brass Chassis

Brass Rod Anglewinder
Article Dec 12, 2002

Building the Brass Rod Anglewinder

Restoring 1967 Chassis
Article Dec 11, 2002

Restoring a 1967 Slot Car Chassis

Readers Gallery 31.

Doug Azary Collection:
Jack Fine's Cooper Ford

Readers Gallery 30.

Doug Azary Collection:
Jack Fine's Lola T-162

Readers Gallery 29.

Doug Azary Collection:
Jack Fine's Lotus 40

Readers Gallery 27.

Doug Azary: The Batmobile!

Readers Gallery 26.

Doug Azary: Vintage Lola T-70
with Brass Tube Enduro Chassis

Readers Gallery 17.

Doug Azary: Reproduction of a
1966-67 Brass Rod F1/Indy Chassis

Readers Gallery 16.

Doug Azary: Custom Brass Chassis
with Strip Pans

Readers Gallery 15.

Doug Azary: Reproduction of a
1966-67 Brass Rod Sports Car Chassis is copyright 2002 by Jim Allen of